Bye Bye Sun Damage

If you have not heard having a great SPF for everyday use is very important. SPF stands for SUN PROTECTION FACTOR. The average person with light skin can stay in the sun with no sun protection for fifteen minutes. Well what happens after those long fifteen minutes of sun bathing? well the answer is obvious… your skin starts to burn silly!

It not only protects from sun damage but it also protects your skin from an unhealthy complexion. UV Rays cause 90% of premature skin aging. A great SPF (30 or higher) can keep your skin youthful from the sun. It also can help prevent from skin cancer such as melanoma. Please ladies and gentleman take care of your skin and apply that sunscreen! Say YES to sun protection.

Here is a link to a  Fitzpatrick Scale

In case y’all did not know a Fitzpatrick scale is a way to tell the response of different skin types to ultraviolet light. (It shows different skin types and how it reacts to sun exposure!)

This is a great SPF that I use, which is the Dermalogica Solar Defense booster (spf 50)

Allow your self to put sunscreen on at least fifteen minutes before entering the sun, and use a nickel sized amount of sunscreen on your face. Reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours when you are outside for the day. Sunscreen Facts

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