Drugstore Press on Nails

For the past couple of years I have spent quite the bucks on getting my nails done. Mostly, because I well… can’t afford it.  I did not like how the nails eventually would not be filled properly because my nails grew out quickly. I did not like the brittleness of my nails after they came off. Especially because I would like to pick at them, and bite them to peel them off. That would just wreck my nail growth. Then paying to get them filled is an extra price or for the most part I would be getting a full new set (not the fill in) because I wouldn’t have the time to come back, before I wrecked them myself. I was just always in a constant cycle of spending big money, which I really shouldn’t be spending in the first place. I just always wanted great, beautiful looking nails that costed a cheap buck.IMG-8147

That is when I found the beauty in drugstore press on nails! They really stick and they look just as fantastic if not better then when I would get my nails done. I also can buy a whole kit of acrylic nails and paint them to my liking at such a cheap price, or buy Kiss Salon Acrylic French Design Nail Ace of Clubs – 28ct ($7.99 Target). Which is the nail brand I buy. They also say what length you want them in (small or medium). They come in different shapes as well. This saves major bucks. I also get to clean my nails whenever I want a new set. I can easily take them off and put new ones on myself adjusted to my liking.

Now, if you are not wanting something that takes time to do, I would personally not recommend this option. It all comes down to if you want the service done for you professionally or not. Expensive or the cost friendly option? That really just comes off of your own opinion. But if you want to sit down during your free time and turn on that favorite netflix show or turn up that favorite jam of yours, then go at it and press on some nails. It can be fun, fast and easy! 

Press on nails are making a come back ladies and gentleman! ❤

-The Honest Esti


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