Week One

IMG-7009I made a page for me to relax and be able to share more about myself. Before I found blogging, I always love to write in my journals. So I decided to just write freely and share everything that comes to my mind.

My name is Callia Siti Hasiah Pierce, a twenty year old esthetician. I am half Malaysian half Caucasian. I am the baby of three sisters.

Outside of blogging all things beauty, I love having my sister Sabrina take pictures of me and I like to act as if i’m a model. In return, being an awesome auntie to my wonderful nephews is my pride and joy.

I absolutely love cuddling

Netflix Romcoms are my sh**. Sorry for the cussing but I LOVE Netflix romcoms. Find me not blogging, I will be netflixin’ it any time of day. But right now I am currently watching Hart of Dixie. So good. If ya’ll have not watched it. I’d recommend.

Mornings for me are for coffee. Evenings I love my cup of chai, black, or oolong tea. Coffee and tea are my type of soiree. Haha… I don’t party so that’s as close as it gets;)

Family is very important to me. My friendships are definitely my family. Mom, dad, sisters, brother in laws, nephews. They are my world no matter if they live in California and I am in Texas there is no space between us. They are the reason for my success.

Those are a few things I enjoy. I will reflect on more soon.

-The Honest Esti

Here is a link to my favorite song at the moment because sometimes I do feel down. Actually a lot of the times I lose faith in myself. Then I listen to this song and I feel empowered. Thank you Maren Morris for this amazing song that makes me cry, it’s so empowering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0vXCY-h9ks


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