Low end and High end Skincare

Many of the low end brands such as L’Oréal own many high end products such as Lancome. Many people these days believe that since we are buying the more expensive product that it would be better for your skin care. What we are not seeing is that some of these higher end products may have the same ingredients as the lower brands. People are buying the brand because it is more popular, hotter in trend, and believe that it is “better” for your skin. I would say just save yourself some money and buy the cheaper option. For me there is no difference.

If y’all checked up on my last recent post. You would know that products such as NYX and Glossier have made their way up in becoming a more popular brand from just being drugstore makeup. Well? Have they changed their ingredients? No! they just became a simply more popular brand and now are seen as high end. Like I’ve always heard it “you always start from the way bottom to get to the top.” Well that goes to show how people are just wasting money on the top brands. Its all the same folks it just got popular. 

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